Announcing our keynote speaker: Billy Beane

What do healthcare and baseball have in common? Analytics

Billy Beane changed baseball in 1997 when he brought data analytics to the game. And he’s about to do the same to your healthcare analytics game. After listening to Beane discuss baseball analytics as the keynote speaker at the MedeAnalytics Insights Summit, you’ll never look at your organization’s analytics in the same way.

Baseball teams believed they could buy their way to the post-season by hiring the “best,” most expensive players. Beane challenged that long-held belief when he began looking at player data and using analytics to identify undervalued, yet highly-productive players, for the Oakland A’s.

Beane, the subject of the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt, revolutionized baseball and will inspire you to apply data science concepts to transform your healthcare organization.

There’s only one way to learn how to apply Beane’s unique analytics expertise and experience to benefit your organization: Save your spot at the MedeAnalytics Insights Summit!